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Wedding Gowns For Black and White Weddings

Black and white is a huge color trend for 2010 weddings. Chic, striking, and very of the moment, it can be an excellent theme for a wedding. Get your wedding planning off to a running start by picking one of these perfect wedding gowns for a black and white wedding.

There is no doubt that Vera Wang is at the forefront of the black and white wedding gown trend this season. A large number of her gowns feature black sashes around the waist, the neck, or even draped asymmetrically across the bodice. The style of the sash matches the feeling of the gown, so a crisp silk gazar V-neck gown with a more traditional silhouette is accented with a tailored black accent at the waist with jeweled embellishment, while a floaty gown of layered fragile tulle with a deconstructed style features a wispy black tie around the neck.

For a more traditional bridal gown with black accents, consider Romona Keveza's full skirted strapless wedding dress with the sweetheart neckline and draped bodice. The shape is pure romance and bridal fantasy, while the beaded black belt at the waist adds gravitas and a modern flair. It would be a stunning choice for a black tie wedding with a black and white theme. Sparkling accessories, such as crystal bridal jewelry sets are the ideal accents for formal bridal gowns.

Black and white are naturally very chic, so another great option is a slinky sheath gown with a black ribbon at the waist, such as one made by Elizabeth Fillmore. It is the type of dress that would look equally at home on the Red Carpet of a glamorous premiere, save for the bridal veil. With a plunging neckline and black ribbon, this is a gown which is perfect for a bride who has a great figure and wants to make a statement when she walks down the aisle. An arm bouquet of white calla lilies tied with a black ribbon would be a fabulous bouquet with this wedding dress.

Jenny Packham also does a great bridal gown with a black accent. One of her standout designs is a slender strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline. At the neckline is a tiny keyhole cutout accentuated by a pert black bow. It is just the perfect little touch, and would be a wonderful dress for a bride who prefers a mostly white gown with just a delicate black accent for a surprise. Bridal jewelry sets with long crystal earrings would be lovely with the swingy skirt of this slender wedding gown.

Many other designers are offering great gowns for a black and white wedding, so by no means feel like these are your only options. Keep in mind, too, that it is usually possible to customize a bridal gown to make it fit the theme of your wedding. In other words, adding a black fabric belt, bow, or sash to the waist of a white wedding gown is a piece of cake. If the gown designer cannot make the change, the chances are that your seamstress can do it during alterations (just be sure to ask before buying the gown). There are other ways to add black accents to a white wedding dress, such as a white veil with a narrow black lace border, or a black lace shrug to wear for the ceremony. Or wear an all-white gown with black and white wedding jewelry, such as a pearl and jet crystal combination. And don't forget about your wedding bouquet as an accessory; a bouquet of white anemones with black centers would be gorgeous for a black and white theme wedding, whatever gown you happen to select. visit to http://www.weddingdressescheaps.org

Bridesmaid Dresses to Pair With Red Wedding Gown

Red wedding gowns have become increasingly popular with brides who choose the color either to honor their cultural heritage or who just want to wear something other than the traditional white bridal gown. A red wedding gown can be absolutely gorgeous, but it can make it tricky to pick out bridesmaid dresses to coordinate. While any color goes with white, the same is not true of red, after all. These are some terrific ideas for bridesmaid dresses to pair with a red wedding gown.

A red wedding gown can actually take on a lot of different styles, from elegant to retro to dramatic, and that is a great place to begin when shopping for bridesmaid dresses to match your gown. Let's say that you are having a formal evening wedding, and really want your attendants to look sophisticated and elegant. Black satin column dresses would be very striking for the bridesmaids. You can bring in the red wedding theme with custom red crystal bridesmaid jewelry sets and bouquets of deep red roses. If you want to bring a touch of the bridesmaids' black to your bridal attire, add some black feathers to your bouquet, and maybe even wear them in your hair.

Black and red are a fairly dark color combination, so it will not suit every wedding. Metallic neutrals are a fantastic option for a chic bridesmaid dress color to pair with a red wedding gown. Silver or pewter chiffon dresses would be elegant for a summer evening wedding. In the autumn, a rich tone like bronze silk dupioni would be magnificent with a bride in red. Match the metallic to the undertone of the red of your wedding gown. If you are wearing a cool cherry red, silver would be a good complement. Brides in rich burgundy would look best surrounded by bridesmaids in warm metallic colors like gold. Glittering Swarovski crystals in a coordinating metallic shade would be great for the bridesmaid jewelry sets.

Red can also be retro, especially if the bride has chosen a tea length red wedding gown. It would be really cute to put your bridesmaids in dresses with a similar silhouette to yours in a color like yellow or pink. The yellow and red can be used together to create a retro picnic feeling. The pink bridesmaid dresses with the red are reminiscent of the popular color combination seen in vintage inspired letter press wedding invitations. This could make for a really unique wedding color palette if you choose to carry it into the decorations.

For brides who like the royal associations of a red wedding gown, the perfect bridesmaid dress color is another one with regal undertones: purple. Rich aubergine bridesmaid dresses will look like the epitome of elegance and style next to a bride in a deep red wedding gown. Tie the colors together with bouquets which combine the red and purple. The bride's bouquet could be mostly purple flowers with a few red blossoms, and the bridesmaids could carry bouquets that are the reverse. That will help the flowers to stand out against the color of the dresses.

Although red is not the traditional wedding gown color, it is actually a fairly versatile one. Once you have an idea of how to mix and match your red gown with the rest of your wedding details, the whole design picture will quickly come together. These great ideas for bridesmaid dresses should help you get off to a terrific start. visit http://www.weddingdressescheaps.org

Your Wedding Gown's True Colors

Westerners think of white wedding gowns as "traditional," but they've really only been in vogue for about 150 years. If you want to go with the latest in modern daring by adding a little color, you're actually going seriously old school.

Gray wedding gowns were favored by working-class women up through the Victorian era because the color was seen as "respectable," and it wore well over time, which meant a practical bride could re-use her wedding dress as her Sunday best dress for the next year or two.

But gray wedding dresses aren't all drudgery. The traditional wedding dress rhyme says
"Married in grey, you'll go far away," which suggests some exciting travel if you have a case of wanderlust. And no matter what its origins, a pearly gray wedding dress looks beautiful and luxurious.

Brown wedding dresses were for country girls, and the wedding rhyme agreed: "Married in brown, you'll live out of town." It's a great choice if you're committed to life in the fresh air, if you prefer to avoid fabric bleaches or dyes that can be harmful to the environment, or if you'd just like to set off dark eyes and hair.

Purple wedding gowns have always been rare in Europe and America - they don't even appear in the wedding gown rhyme. This is partly because purple dyes used to be the most expensive, and by extension purple clothes became associated with royalty, and royalty only. Later, deep purples were adopted by widows who were phasing out of black mourning clothes.

Both of those associations are long gone, though, so feel free to purple it up! If you're not feeling quite that avant-garde, a soft lavender gown makes for a gown that's beautiful and wonderfully unusual.

Blue is a lovely choice for a wedding dress, and it's respectable through and through. Blue is associated with fidelity, which was one of the reasons for the "something blue" you're supposed to wear or carry as you go down the aisle. The rhyme says, "Married in blue, you'll always be true," so a blue dress is a nice promise to your groom, but superstition says it helps ensure he'll only have eyes for you too.

The symbolism of Green wedding dresses is either really good or really bad, depending on who you ask. Before Christianity became widespread in Europe, green was considered a terrific color for a wedding dress because it was associated with fertility, but as Christianity spread, it fell out of favor because it was associated with Paganism. In the British Isles, green was considered a dangerous color for a wedding dress because it was the color of the fairies, and drawing their attention was asking for trouble. (Some sources say that Irish women were the exception and often wore green, and some say that Irish women found green wedding dresses especially unlucky. If you're Irish, just ask your grandma and go by whatever she says.)

The wedding dress rhyme is pretty firm on green: "Married in green, ashamed to be seen." This was because creepier wedding guests would joke that the bride's dress was green because she had been rolling around in the grass with a lover just before the wedding.

On the other hand, almost nobody in the world knows about any of this unless they've been researching wedding dress colors, so it's probably safe to give green a shot.

Yellow has had a roller-coaster ride of popularity. It was once a popular favorite because it's so cheerful, ...and then in sterner times fell out of favor because it was too cheerful and thus not appropriate for church. The wedding rhyme is also kind of a buzzkill for sunny brides: "Married in yellow, ashamed of your fellow."

Which is bad, but not as bad as "Married in red, you'll wish yourself dead." There's not much getting around that for the superstitious. Red got its bad rep from being associated with passion and sex, which the bride wasn't necessarily supposed to know about in days past. However, you may not think that's such a big deal, in which case go for it. A full-on scarlet dress may still shock people nowadays, but a dress with red detailing will go over perfectly well in all but the most conservative churches.
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Wedding Dresses and Golden Weddings

Golden weddings are always big events. A golden wedding is an anniversary of the wedding 50 years before. By this time, the kids are all grown up, married, and have kids of their own. This emotional and exciting event and includes all the young and old in the family because it is a celebration of a couples love and life.

Not all wedded couples are lucky to stay together for a century after they walked the aisle and exchanged "I dos." The celebration maybe a simple one or a grand one mimicking the first wedding in all its grandeur - depending on the size of the couples' pockets or of their children's finances.

It also takes a lot of planning for the golden wedding. There are decisions to make - where the renewal of vows will be held, the wine, venue for the reception, wedding décor, and preparing that letter to the White House so your folks will get a grand personal greeting from the President!

When it comes to wedding dresses, golden brides have several choices - thanks to new fashion trends and technologies. They can forego the traditional wedding dresses and settle for something less extravagant and comfortable.

The Golden Girls' Wedding Dresses

For the renewal of vows at the church, couples indeed dress up. The groom dons his tux (again) and the golden bride wears one of those appropriate wedding dresses trimmed in gold - an outfit they can wear comfortably for the backyard barbecue or for a sumptuous fest outdoors or in a classy restaurant.

It is tempting to use the original wedding gown. Unfortunately, not all golden girls can squeeze into their original wedding outfits. As a concession, the golden bride chooses dresses that are in keeping with the wedding theme and the current season and get to savor the latest luxury fashions in wedding gowns.

Online bridal shops offer the best in shopping and golden girls do not have to max out their time and energy wandering about uptown or downtown looking for their perfect sparkling wedding dresses and wedding posies - yellow orchids or violets are often recommended but there are more options for the modern day golden bride.

Going back to wedding gowns, the popular color choices are white, silver gray, off white, and in the extreme - a golden gown adorned with fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals. The design of the original wedding dress can be adopted for sentimental reasons and modified for a more current look and use the well-kept blue garter from the wedding 50 years ago for nostalgia's sake.

The Golden Touch

For a touch of gold, your mom can have her ivory wedding dress trimmed with gold and. your dad can wear a sparkling golden fob for his pocket watch or a yellow rose in his boutonnière.

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